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Songs you know and love, recreated in playlists that feel fresh and fiery. These are staples you'll want to repeat.

90s TBT Club Hits * Queens of Rap * Ari & Riri * 90s Pop * Britney & Boy Bands * Usher & Luda * 2000s Pop * Dua Lipa & Divas Remix * Nelly, Diddy, & Drake * Get Amped Remix and more.

This program is designed for those who've already completed the year long #MadeByDre dance + strength training course. This is a progressive strength training course using 10-20 lb dumbbells & resistance bands, sold separately. Indefinite access for a one time fee.

Ready for some new FUEL? Sign up for aDREnaline below.

aDREnaline by Dre

  • aDREnaline by Dre

    • Four upper body workouts
    • Four lower body workouts
    • Four full body workouts
    • Four (45 min) dance workouts
    • PDF calendar to follow.
    • *Videos will be added weekly until May 12.
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