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Want to feel inspired?

You deserve a dance + strength workout that makes you feel joyful, fierce, & strong. 


Dance with Dre is dance fitness made by a Dancer

If you are a former dancer, wannabe dancer, or just a dancer at heart, you will leave class feeling not only like you got a great workout but that you really DANCED. 

We twerk. But we don't just twerk.

We squat. But we don't just squat.

We salsa. But we don't just salsa.

We pivot. But we don't just pivot.

Dance workouts with Dre will get you burning more calories than nearly any other dance fitness class you've ever taken. And you'll be having way more fun than on the elliptical (or running, ew!). If you like a hip hop and pop playlist, including some 90s/2000s throwbacks, this is THE workout for you. 


It's all about the Playlists

We believe music can make or break your workout. If you're happy to run silently through the woods, this program is not for you. This program is for the person who got to the gym, realizes they forgot their headphones, & goes home. (Or for someone who doesn't enjoy going to the gym in the first place!). We believe YOU CAN DO ANYTHING TO A GOOD PLAYLIST. And that's what we provide. Because music is fuel. The playlists in Dre's #MadeByDre toning program will trick you into liking strength training.  These programs will take you from a total toning novice to a legitimate lifting boss. You'll uncover strength you never knew you possessed. 

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