life is too short FOR boring workoutS.

STAY INSPIRED & achieve your fitness goals through a dance addiction that will leave you feelING sexy, STRONG, EMPOWERED, & connected.


This is not your mama’s Zumba class.

We all want to look and feel our best. We want to achieve our fitness goals. We all want to be happy with the way we look in photos. (“Yes, you can tag me in that one. But filter it first…”) We want to feel connected, and we want to feel inspired.


And we have a limited about of willpower to get us through the day. It takes courage to show up to class, to be the new kid. It’s… vulnerable.

Will you have what it takes?

I’ve taken the guess-work out of trying to reach your body goals.

All you have to do is: SHOW UP.

I’ll guide you through the rest.

This is no ordinary dance fitness class. You will twerk, tone, salsa, squat, pop & lock, and plank all in one class. Feel more confident, sexy, & strong while getting a more high intensity workout. Learn easy-to-follow choreography in a welcoming environment & become part of our dance family.

The elliptical cannot do this for you.

On your own you can survive, but we were made to thrive. Join us for a class and you’ll find a place to express yourself, grow in strength, experience joy, and find connection.

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